This is the third time this has been posted, but due to the rise in people here…

Is there anyone located in Anchorage Alaska? There is a yoyo meet that is held here… Pm me or Death for details…
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Still looking for more…

Agreed. I see throwers walking around, but no one seems to be on the forums…
Come on guys, the club is small enough as it is.

AK Pride!

when+where is the meet? I live in southeast and am in love with yoyoing but want to watch some live pros.
I wish I could compete but i only started last year but still yoyo whenever i can.

Oh, were not pros… Were just a few throwers getting together every weekend.
For you and anyone else reading this, the club is every Saturday at the 5th Av. mall, in front of Northwind Kites.

I live in wasilla, and I got 2others to throw… Neither are on the forums.

I dont live in ancorage or anywhere near, but if you come across any competitions in alaska, can you alert me?


If any of you guys are in Anchorage, drop on by, we love seeing new throwers.

Anyone else?

^ he said it… come on down. 12:30pm to 4:00pm

Last of the bumps for AK.

Final Bump for a few months :’( :’( :’(

i went last week for the first time and it was tighto. only one other person was there though

Me an Page have a lot of stuff going on at the moment. We plan to be there next week.

Next week as in the 12th… A school activities got us out of town for this Sat’s meet

here’s another bump. I plan on being there this Saturday :wink:

up! I’ll do my best to make it tomorrow!