Hey, do any of you live in Alaska?
We need more people in the yoyo club…
It’s kinda dying off… :’(

Pm for details.


Bump bitty bump


will there be alaska representation at worlds? are you going?


No, unless I can get the money… :’(


Bada bump.

(M²) #6

there was one guy i met on chat who said he was from alaska, i can’t remember his name though… but there is some one out there.


I live in wasilla! Where are you?




I do live in alaska, and I go too, but he is right. most of the time it is just me and Death, and maybe 1-2 other people :’(.


free bump for my friend


Thanks man. I feel better now.
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Rum bitty bump bitty doo.


I live very close to Alaska…Alabam. LOL jk but thats how Alabama is, we have maybe 20-30 yoyoers here. :-\


That’s better than 2-4 people :(. Plus, I am the worst one of them :’(


bump for Alaska good luck on the club




Cheer up man, you haven’t met my little bro…
;D ;D



Nice, The Game ;D


Yup. ;D
Any more folks from the land of the midnight sun?

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at least you HAVE a yoyo club.
Kentucky has nothing.


Place to meet + one other thrower = yoyo club
Getting others to start is a way to get it going.