Calling all Yoyoers in the Northern Nevada Area

Hello everyone, this isn’t my first time on the forums, but it is my first time trying to get something together! I am wanting to put together a yoyo club. I am the only one in Reno I feel like and I just want to know if there are any other people who share the same passion for yo-yoing as much as me! If anyone lives near or in the Northern Nevada are and wants to do something with this amazing sport/hobby feel free to message me here. If you don’t live near me that’s okay too honestly I just want to be able to talk about things and not have people think I am a crazy person.

Thanks for the read Tyler Nunez.

What’s up man remember me xD haha it’s justin from fhs. Are you still throwin these days? I’m down to kick it sometime and do yoyo stuff, just hmu


:nauseated_face::muscle:t6: :rainbow: