AL7 Albatross "Ice" Unboxing

Here’s my latest unboxing animation. This one includes using video captured footage, as well as stills. I also incorporated Par 36’s gel’d red, blue, yellow and green for additional lighting and effects. Many other more “conventional” tactics were also employed as well.

Don’t forget, there’s also the Dingo unboxing, the Gnarwal and Puffin Homecoming and if anyone wants too see a Royale knock over a Donkey, there’s the DonkeyShow video as well.

Enjoy. I think I may try to get the Aquarius one done this weekend if time permits. I’m adjusting the script as I think I’ve bitten off way too much for that one.

Your videos make me smile. :slight_smile:

So jealous you got an al7 tross, im desperately trying to sell throws so I can buy one. Ice is also the color I wanted.

wow. i did not expect that vid, to be how it was. realy nice editing.

Makes me LOL every time I watch it.