Ah! My Eyes!


My second satin:




I got this skyline in the mail today from XminusmikeX, Thanks Mike!

Any feedback?

-Arthur 8)


Very nice!!! I like the white hubs on it ;D


what grid sandpaper did u use?

And by the way it looks awsome you should try painting the rims a different color with a airbrush


Doesnt that sort of defeat the purpose?

And I only use 150 to start, then 600 for teh shine. (and polish)

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #5

I use 200 then 400 then 800 then 1000 and then a brown paper bag.


That a great satin job you did there. i wish i was good at satining yoyos.


Awesome !!

(Ariq) #8

WWhy did you satined this 2009 Green Monster SKYLINE!

I have 1 too . I also got another orango one that i satined on the rims…


the rims were really dinged up, so it looks and plays better now.


Amazing, like XminusmikeX said, the white hubstacks make it look epic.

(Ariq) #11

I see. Mine is still mint… And mine has clear Stacks. Since it looks nice with whit on yours, i changed it to white stacks

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #12

I am a true fan of the skyline,But this just blew my mind.


(Mi) #13

This is beautiful!


I use 300 500 700 900 then 1200 it takes a bit longer but it’s worth it


Celtic COLORS!?!?!?!?! Realy nice job by the way. I’d love to have a rim satined PURPLE skyline

(Hardcore_Max) #16

That looks great man, nicely done, but next time I recomend going up to a higher grit emery paper to get a line free finish before you polish.

(yoyo jake) #17

i can do that send me to yoyo an money for shipping back to u and we can talk about it