African american yoyoers

Well,for a project at my church have to compile a list of African Americans who share a talent and due to me being a yoyoer, yoyoing was first to come to mind. Bue I need 8 only can think of 3 sponsored players off the top of my head Mark montgomery, Harold Owens,Joshua ray. I just need help compiling a list of players and who they represent and what have they won/were rewarded (ex harold owens yyf, sig. H.O.t. 1st ohio state,Etc

Coffin Nightmareking Nephastaphales is sponsored by Twisted Stringz. I don’t know if he competes or not.

Darnell Hairston is I BELIEVE a YYF player. I don’t know his bio, but the Googles tell me he’s a YYF Protege… perhaps that’s a junior sponsorship tier? Also that might be out-of-date info

Jonrob (YYF)
Joe Wilson (YYF)
Brandon Hodges (G Squared)

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You can count my dad,Terry Ulmer. He worked with Duncan for a bit when I was younger if that counts for anything

Yeah, DNell is a protege at YYF, which means that he has a mentor and isnt a full team member.

You can put Gentry Ste- oh wait, he’s just the blackest white guy alive…

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Mark Montgomery

Anthony Rojas?

Rick Wyatt
Shakeem Anderson

Rick Wyatt is a National Yo-Yo Master and is on Team YoYoJam. He’s had a number of signature yo-yos over the years including the Kickside and the Mega Spin Faktor series. He was the long sleeper world record holder for a number of years.

Shakeem And Anthony are beast.

Anthony Greer.

I don’t think he’s sponsored (yet - and for the life of me don’t know why)
but he’s a great part of the yoyoing community and has had a great impact on tons of yoyo players.

Certainly not to be overlooked.

Stefan “MagL33To” Benjamin

Thanks Greg and i compete ive only done the Va States so far but im working my way up there…the stage fright is killer tho

Just made an account to say that I am neither African, nor American…

Carry on.


African-American is kind of specific. :-\ The list of players who are black encompasses many more though. Depends on what information he is looking for. What skill level…just pros?

I guess american since that is what the paper says and wanted someone f]who might have a sig,sponsored and placed at a contest

I’m disqualified. :frowning: Wow, not many African-Americans to list then with that criteria. Interesting project you have though. Let us know how this turns out. :wink:

Sorry. :-[

by african americans do you mean black people? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you please send me a PM telling me what the point of this project is? Please don’t respond here. Send me a PM.

I am not wanting to stir anything up… but I’ve never understood the term “African American”?

I am a white guy living in Africa, but I would never consider myself a “Euro-African”. I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents are from here, I feel no connection to Europe apart from a paler complexion and a soft-spot for Belgian beers.

Can someone PM me and explain why black Americans are labelled “African American”, and not just “American”? What connection to the African continent do they currently have? Is this a generic term all Americans use, or just a label black Americans have given to themselves, or a term white Americans use to label black Americans? Is there a label for white Americans (Euro-Mericans?)?

I apologise in advance if I am offending anyone, I really just don’t understand and would like some clarification :slight_smile:

Now, a feeble attempt to get this back on topic:
I am not sponsored, but at one time (for two years) I paid my rent doing shows and busking with a yoyo. If that qualifies me as professional, I am glad to help. I am not black or American, but I am African.