Aero-Yo Droid

I seen Aero-Yo all over the EYYC. I started looking at their throws and such. Now I might look at ordering a Droid. Looks like a really nice H shape. Apparently I could order right off their Facebook page (Unless YYE might be carrying them in the near future…hint… hint Andre :smiley: ). I am just wondering if there would be any problems getting it shipped to here in the States with their “grooved c” bearing.

Since this is a world wide type forum, has anyone on here played a droid? If so, thoughts on it?

Aero Yos are mostly rebranded Aoda yoyos. Chances are Yoyoexpert won’t carry tem.

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Well dang. I was looking to replace my Aoda Follow Wind (hence why I like the droids shape).

So, if that is true… what are some H shapes that are carried here at YYE that I should look at.

The super g and burnside are amazing. Also the code 2 looks good but a little less h-shaped.

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Ahhh… just actually looked at the code 1. That looks promising to me. And looked at the Burnside. Alright… I think I found my choices. Thanks.

OK, got the Burnside ordered in Pewter. That takes care of that. :smiley: