Advanced yoyos

What does it mean when someone says that a yoyo is too advanced for someone. For example, my friend says that his NVX is too advanced for me to try.

He could be referring to needing to know how to bind to bring the yoyo back. If you know how to bind them I’m not sure what he could mean.

There’s more to it then binding. My neighbors got too good of yoyos too fast, and they play very sloppily on an unresponsive, and they can’t do anything on a responsive. Mid way intermediate level, ask him then, IMO.

It means they’re full of crap. The player makes the yoyo, not the other way around.

But is is a good idea to start with a responsive in my opinion, and the binding thing could be it too.

IMO he just didn’t want it to get dinged/dented and that was his excuse. Then again, some people have some strange idea in their heads that cheaper plastics will make them better players, just as there are those that think that metals make them better players. It’s the amount of effort you put into it along with natural ability, just like everything else in life.

I guess It means your not at a certain level of trustability

im not saying your not good but mayby there is always that chance of something happening so once you get better or earn there respect theeen mayby you can use the yoyo

I believe that if a yoyo is advanced then it is a responsive yoyo. you have to be good to work one of those correctly without bashing your knuckles all the time. lol

I say he is full of it.

He is saying that you aren’t that good.

the yoyo could be too unresponsive for the types of tricks that this person is doing. You might ding the yoyo up too often, thus this person doesn’t want his yoyo dinged up.