advance scout vs scout (merged scout topics)

does anyone know how much the advance scout from clyw sold for originally? when purchased from clyw?

Solid Advance Scouts released at CLYW’s website retailed for $130 US Dollars

why do you guys think is a better investment?

Same specs except that the scout is a gram lighter. Supposedly faster, more stable throw in comparison to the advanced scout.

Neither really if value in terms of price is your motive. Nothing about them thus far looks like their value will ever go up unless for some reason someone really wants an Advanced Scout and will pay near retail for it, there are plenty of Scouts at the moment.

But in terms of playability, they are both really good with the regular scout being 1 gram lighter which looks to be mainly from making the ring not as prominent. This does make it play a bit better imho.

This might help.

It’s good to note that while the production Scout is lighter and faster than the Advance, the Advance is still a great yoyo. I love mine.

I make yoyo purchases based only on how much fun I think I will have.