Adrian Velez MWR 2014 1A Freestyle finals 13th

(velez_adrian) #1

Not my best performance but it was ok. I’m just happy I made it to finals with only 2 years of experience. Tell me what you guys think.

(Erik Kerber ) #2

It was good Adrian. Your song was funny.

(velez_adrian) #3

It was superfast jellyfish by the gorillaz.


I watched yours and Erik’s performances yesterday. Great job you guys! I’m a HUGE Gorillaz fan so extra brownie points from me, Adrian.

(velez_adrian) #5

cool, brownie points.

(velez_adrian) #6

I like brownies


It was good. But a point I’d like to point out is don’t bounce so much on stage; it’s fine if you do it a little but you overdid it. I had a bad 1a performance that day too but at a different contest :stuck_out_tongue:


Really good, Adrian! The rest of the field must have been STACKED for that to only be 13th!

(2Sick Joey) #9

Great job man! That was pretty good.


I guess yoyoing is fun.


Great freestyle Adrien! Also your song was waaaay too serious :smiley:

(velez_adrian) #12

i know man. Your performance was awesome. That horizontal whip thing you did was amazing.

(Owen) #13

How dare you say such a thing.

(velez_adrian) #14

i know. Yo-yoing is fun!!! I agree with Owen.


Saw this live, it was great! :slight_smile:

Keep going!

(velez_adrian) #16



wait…that’s a contradiction.