Adding spoiler tags?

I think that it would be useful to have the ability to insert spoiler tabs within forum posts. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, everything you write within the spoiler would not be shown until you open it. There’s an example from another forum below (the contents of the spoiler are irrelevant in this example btw, just to demonstrate what this sort of thing looks like):

This is really useful in threads where you want to post a bunch of images (e.g. in BST or yoyo exhibition sub-forums). It makes threads far cleaner and less cluttered and saves you time if you want to find a specific post or something. It is also useful for if you want to make a really large post with a bunch of smaller sections, rather than presenting people with a huge wall of text.

Inb4 jhb says “It’s unnecessary and the forum’s software isn’t capable of that anyway.”

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At first I thought this was some mystery box spoiler already.

Wasn’t the forum going to be receiving a new iteration similar to what happened with the store? Or was that cancelled/never announced? If the forum does get updated then this would be something to consider at least.

Still looking for the right software for the upgrade, plus there’s a lot of info to transfer. André will get to it eventually, but there is a lot of other stuff taking priority at the moment.

Definitely something to consider though, thanks for the input.

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Looks like there are spoiler tags now.

Looks like there are [spoiler]spoiler tags[/spoiler] now.