Added some for sale/trade LF - SEs, OG FH1, clear ART, maybe Walter

Howdy team, I’m on the lookout for a few things. Got some trades, cash or both.

Side effects:

Aluminum MC
Energy domes
Brass flats


Original Freehand, MIP not required, might be picky on color. I regret selling all mine 20 years ago when i thought they would be of no use to me.

Clear ART - 420, Junior, Bimetal, Inhaler, Life

Walter - this might be out of my price range but just curious

For Sale:

These prices are shipped in the US, paypal f&f preferred, many references available.


What color are you looking for?


What you got?

Bump, still looking for things…

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Bump - added some for sale

out of curiosity whats the other side of the SF BD ?
edit: nice!

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