FS- MIB Black/Orange, Yellow, Red Splash C3yoyodesign Berserker RX- $120 shipped


For sale only, unless you have a Co-lab to trade. MIB new, unused C3yoyodesign black/orange, yellow, red splash Berserker RX for sale. Only $120 shipped. Photos to follow shortly. Satisfaction guaranteed!! If interested, please pm me, or text or call me at 612 913-2364, or email me at greycloud@comcast.net. Thanks.


Hi Larry,

I might be interested in the Berserker.
How is the surface for grinding?
Does it have an IRG?

FYI-I have a bunch of mint yoyo’s I might be selling. I have bought too much in the last month. I will email you a list when I get it together (I have many of the new CLWY which I know you are nto a fan of but I have other too)

I took your advice and got the Draupnir(Gold LE). You were right it is the best ever




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