AC2 Problems

So I recently got my Arctic Circle 2. It was actually on Thursday. But, today it has been playing responsive and only sleeps for a maximum of 20 seconds when I am not doing a trick. Noting that it was fine the first few days I had it and I am using stock bearing, axle, response, and even string, what could be the problem?

most likely the bearing

and I already tried three other bearings. A CT, CTX, and OD 10-ball.

check the axle it might be bent if not check the bearing seat…
also if you bought it from yoyoexpert give them a call

Checked bearing seat, checked axle, even tried a KK bearing, nothing works. Tried tuning it (which has worked for me on several occasions now) and that still hasn’t done anything.

Response pads? check to make sure there pushed in all the way. Otherwise I’m not sure what else you can check

do your bearings spin well when you hand flick them vertically held

Done, but still responsive.

I have no idea how to do that.

What was the stock Bearing? If it was a ctx it may just need some time to break in. When I got my Ac2 from the first run mine was responsive for like a whole month. Then I realized that the bearing was bad and got a new ctx and she plays fine now.

Also, what type of string are you using? I find that the Ac2 can be a bit snaggy because it has a slightly thinner gap. Try some thinner string with a centering bearing and go from there.

I have an ac1, and I thought it was becoming responsive, but it turns out I was letting too much string fall in the gap on slack tricks, and basically playing sloppy. If it’s tug responsive, clean the heck out of the bearing. Do the paper slip method, then give it an hour or two in mineral spirits, shaking it every once in a while, and giving it a real thrashing of a shake just before you remove it. Other than that, if the axle isn’t bent, and the response pads are recessed, and new string doesn’t work, then I don’t know

If it’s super vibey then the axle or hub is bent.

If it isn’t then it’s either the bearing or response.

Then it’s the bearing or response, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Is it vibey? Try a thinner string, I find the gap on the Ac2 a bit thin.

Did you purchase it from us? if so, give us a call or send an email and we can help you out.

Well, I randomly fixed the problem. Just picked it up and started throwing it today and it was all good. :slight_smile: