about street performing

im looking into street performing for some money, and im wondering how i should approach it. what are some good ideas/ tips? thank you

What ever you do DO NOT pretend to be a duck

People don’t find that as amusing as they used too.

Sorry that was immature Raph ^^

I’m guessing you mean by YoYoing?

  1. Hat
  2. Eli Hops
  3. Boingy boing
  4. In some places you need a preforming licence
  5. Moosic

Seed money has a drastic effect on how much money you get.


also, look better than your audience, talk to them, have fun with them. Interact. Get some laughs.

a girl gave me a dollar when i was yoyoing because i was cute. so BE CUTE!

and then he woke up

Q a guy can dream right?

I think this is a great thread… It helps advertise yoyoing, and scores some cash! Imo it’s stcky worthy (perhaps on another board)

yeah I want to try this too. but in Indonesia usually people go about everywhere by car, and that’s a problem.

i just put a hat on the ground in a train station and started yoyoing and people started giving cash, so just be yourself and not really care.

Use seed money. Smile, be happy, talk to people. Also a big tip from a friend of mine. Entertain peoples kids. People love it when their kids are entertained/distracted and will often give you money. Pay special attention to kids and show them some goofy tricks to make them laugh or smile. Works a lot. Introduce yourself to them and become “friends”.