Abby1371 Yoyo challenge! Enter if you dare! If you enter you Update! Prize Now!

Alright so today I was yoyoing with my right hand if you don’t know me I Yoyo with my left hand. And so I was wondering if you other yoyoers out there could Yoyo with there non dominant hand.
so my challenge is for you guys to do exactly that. No prize but if you do try let’s see it on YouTube! Cause I’m curious on what you guys can do Yoyo wise with your non dominate hand. Anyways give it a try you May be surprised!

Edit: Now thanks to RGTproyoyo he will donate a free legacy and 2 butterflies to the winner so no shame in trying!

The deadline is Novemeber 30th so get the entries in!

also no dominate hand in the video! not 3a! only 1a with your non dominate hand there is a difference! between the two styles!

I play 3a lol :smiley: so i can play with my left hand. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: I have a 3a video on youtube but that was a long time ago.

lol i do 3a and 2a, i do some 3a in my video “Killer”

I will volunteer up a prize. Free legacy and a pair of butterfly’s for whoever you deem first at the end of the month.

I’m Rex from VA states by the way. I was wearing a beanie and throwing a supernova and a chief.

oh yeah I think I remember you of the sorts and awesome I like the prize offer thing! Now I can make this thing officially somewhat.

So we film is YoYoing with our non-dominant hand for the prize?

What a great idea, count me in :slight_smile: This should be interesting to see.

I can do a little with my left-hand but I can’t post anything on YouTube.

I’ll do it! So we post a video of throwing with our non dominant hand?

Can you do 3a, that would be the only reason i’d do it, because it takes a long time for me to upload videos, and i’ve got a 3a video on youtube currently.

I sort of use my non-dominant hand, for 2A practice, which is not going too well for me.

I intend to get into 3A. Before I do that, I intend to play primarily left handed for a month just to get those muscles “in shape” before I get into it. Just because I can do something right handed does not mean I can do it left handed!

Not gonna make, much less post a video.

I personally don’t suggest that. I started without doing it but i suppose it’s alright. BTW, if i were to do this, would i just post a link on the thread?

I am left handed, so I’m gunna be trying to use my right hand.

alright yes you have to post a video with you yoyoing with your non dominate hand and yes i realize most of us will look like fools somewhat yoyoing but that’s the point cause I’m curious.

I can post a video of me doing 3a, but only part of it would be 3a, the rest is 1a.

guys please no 3a videos i only want to see you non dominate hand because i realize there is a differnce between using 2 yoyos and 1 yoyo!

I’m thinking I’ll join! Left hand, prepare to face you master XD

Sweet! anyone can enter and no shame in failing cause I’m guessing lots of other people will do the same as you!

haha, I’m not sure how reassuring hat is. Lol