Aaron Davis - Lazy Summer Trick Dump

Recently moved to a new house and got really bored. So I made this video.

Yo-yos used: CLYW Chief, Arctic Circle, CLYW x OD Summit.
Kendamas: White KendamaUSA Tribute, Yellow Ozora.
Song: Giraffage - SLO

Edit: Just realized this got posted to YoYoNews. Thank you to whoever submitted it!


Really god video! I like the simplicity of it. What yoyo string did you use?

As always, awesome video. :slight_smile:

Fat Kitty string. It’s seriously the best.

I’ve always wished I was as cool and as good as you… :smiley:

Wait this reminds me, I haven’t made a yoyo video in a long time…

I think I’ll make one soon! Especially after I saw this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Its awesome dude, loved it!

Good stuff, Aaron!

Thanks guys! Glad you like it!

Mad good my dude!!!

That trick you did with the summit.
Chopstick rejection GT?
You sir. Are brilliant.
Just curious, what string is that?

Fat kitty. I already asked.

Fat Kitty, and thanks! I’m very proud of that trick. There’s a tutorial on my channel that breaks it down in slo-mo if you’re interested.

Better go look!
And Dang, I need to read more haha!

I will be checking this out.

This video was so simplistic, yet the tricks were amazing. Defiantly a video I need to download and slow down to learn a few new things :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, much appreciated. I can make tutorials of any of my tricks that you guys are interested in too, that’s not a problem!

Thanks homie! See you at nats?

How does fat kitty compare to regular?

Feels almost more “rope-like” on the fingers, breaks in slower and generally lasts longer in my opinion. The weight is also much better for slacks and similar tricks. I highly recommend it!

You’re my hero Aaron!!!
Love that slack

Thanks bud :slight_smile: Can’t wait to jam with ya when you’re back in Corvegas! You better have some sick new tricks for me!