Aaron Davis - Lazy Summer Trick Dump


Recently moved to a new house and got really bored. So I made this video.

Yo-yos used: CLYW Chief, Arctic Circle, CLYW x OD Summit.
Kendamas: White KendamaUSA Tribute, Yellow Ozora.
Song: Giraffage - SLO

Edit: Just realized this got posted to YoYoNews. Thank you to whoever submitted it!



Really god video! I like the simplicity of it. What yoyo string did you use?


As always, awesome video. :slight_smile:


Fat Kitty string. It’s seriously the best.


I’ve always wished I was as cool and as good as you… :smiley:

Wait this reminds me, I haven’t made a yoyo video in a long time…

I think I’ll make one soon! Especially after I saw this! :stuck_out_tongue:


Its awesome dude, loved it!


Good stuff, Aaron!


Thanks guys! Glad you like it!


Mad good my dude!!!

(UmeNagisa) #10

That trick you did with the summit.
Chopstick rejection GT?
You sir. Are brilliant.
Just curious, what string is that?


Fat kitty. I already asked.


Fat Kitty, and thanks! I’m very proud of that trick. There’s a tutorial on my channel that breaks it down in slo-mo if you’re interested.

(UmeNagisa) #13

Better go look!
And Dang, I need to read more haha!


I will be checking this out.

This video was so simplistic, yet the tricks were amazing. Defiantly a video I need to download and slow down to learn a few new things :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, much appreciated. I can make tutorials of any of my tricks that you guys are interested in too, that’s not a problem!


Thanks homie! See you at nats?


How does fat kitty compare to regular?


Feels almost more “rope-like” on the fingers, breaks in slower and generally lasts longer in my opinion. The weight is also much better for slacks and similar tricks. I highly recommend it!


You’re my hero Aaron!!!
Love that slack


Thanks bud :slight_smile: Can’t wait to jam with ya when you’re back in Corvegas! You better have some sick new tricks for me!