sorry… but does anybody know how quickly the SPYY Stryker will sell out… cause i want to get an all metal yoyo in a few months (b4 dec) and i really want that one (mostly cause it says “made in canada”) but im scared of it selling out cause it is sooooo pretty.

oh also… is CLYW canadian too?

Yes CLYW is definitely Canadian I have no idea about the stryker

Why can’t you buy it now??? And what I would do is watch the inventory… and when it’s under 10 yoyos… GRAB!

currently unemployed. and broke. so i cant buy it until i get a job and start getting out of debt. i just bought a DM about a month ago, so trying to explain a $100 yoyo to my fiance would be really really difficult

ohh… well… if you don’t get it now, I’m pretty sure they’ll have reruns of it… or you can trade for it… but 'congrats with your fiance? ;D

haha thanks, we’ve been engaged for 2 years now. she was alright with me getting the DM cause it was the Royal DM And there were like 7 left when i ordered it.

i want an all metal one next

i’ve got a pair and if… IF they happen to sell out before you can afford one, hit me up. i’ll sell you one. i have no plans to sell it otherwise. it just sits in my display case while i play its twin brother. make your bank and snap one up, but i don’t mind being your insurance if need be.

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ed you is so nice :slight_smile:

Don’t forget man, it’s just a yoyo. Don’t go broke playing with toys…

don’t worry its just a yo-yo and guess what the last run of CLYW PEAKS ARE COMING OUT!!!

Could you wright a review? Or maybe just give us a few quick words on what you think about it?

thanks alot dude, you are the man. if i still want this yoyo bad and they well out i will deffinently pm you

exactly why im not buying it until i have a job and some extra $$$

hey please stop double posting youve done in on a couple of threads theres a modify button.

He doesn’t know how to double quote, that’s why he double posted. You can quote somebody, and then at the bottom of the post your typing, there should be other peoples posts that have a quote button, so you can quote them from there.