CLYW Chief?

ive been out of the yoyo loop for a while, so can you guys give me some informaation on this? Release date, is it plastic, specs etc?

Tom Srebernak

has clyw ever made a plastic? :stuck_out_tongue:
and even they don’t know the specific release date. :confused:
but I’m looking forward to the chief and the canvas.

Lol, yeah from what I’ve read they’ve been wanting to make a plastic, I need it to come out in November.

Same, that’s when my birthday is :smiley:

Chris told me late september /early october.

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No plastics yet from CLYW. They want to but the upstart in production costs are way to high for them as of right now, so they are focusing on metals. Avalanche restocks come out in a week or so, and chief should be out along side canvas around the end of the month as the etchings become produced.

So I asked Chris on Twitter about the possibility of a plastic and this is what he sent me. (we were also talking about the Canvas too)