A yoyo called "Victim"

Hello YyLovers!

I bought a lot of yoyo and this came in the middle! The guy who sold it to me said it is called “victim” of a company that was starting to make yoyo in the United States a few years ago. He informed me that aluminum is 7075.

Some good soul could give me more details about this yoyo?

That looks like the same ano and beadblast as these guys that went to spindox

They made a yoyo called the crucifix/crucifier (can’t remember exact name) and did a bunch of prototypes in between. Especially the hub looks the same

Some other info is that they made both 6061 and 7075 stuff and as you can see a lot of it was heavily inspired by clyw. Funny enough it all started by copying a bvm which is basically the first yoyo in my set of pics which later turned into the crucifix. It came out roughly the same time as the marmot but played better in my opinion. Since it was extremely underrated it was super easy to get and they’ll occasionally popup from time to time on the bst for cheap.

Pics of mine:

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I owned a Crucifier for a little bit. The gap was pretty garbage and blast too aggressive, so I got rid of it. It was fun figuring out what it was while I had it, though.

Here it is compared with a Marmot


Wow that throw looks amazing definitely interested in one now haha

Since this thread started, I was trying to think of any yoyo with a ‘worse sounding name’, than ‘Victim’.

The only name I like slightly less is probably ‘Sharks Honor’.

Both names suck eggs about equally I think, lol.

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What about the Internal Turmoil?

I personally wasn’t a fan of BSP and mostly what it stood for

That was a fitting name though. First dif to allow silicone response.

I fully agree with this. It didn’t play that great either.

Yes the name is “Victim”