a year of 2A!!!?

on january 1st 2013 i shall be starting my 2a career i am only alowed 25 min of 1A a day and all the rest is 2A! Anybody thinking of doing the same or even with another style like 3A? i have always loved the look of 2A but i always said its to hard well its been 3 yrs so ill give it a real shot!

i might do this with 3a but not every day

2a is my favorite to I just need to convince my parents why I need 2 loopers :wink:

I understand why

you: Can i have 2 loop 900’s?
parents: Why do you need 2?
you: so i can do 2A.
parents: but why 2?
you: so i can do 2 at the same time!!
parents: i think that 1 will do just fine
you: :frowning:


Nope. Not doing that.

I’m gonna improve my 1A, get down 2A 2 handed inside and outside loops and hop the fence, improve my 4A and 5A, and get some fundamentals for 3A. those are my 2013 goals.

Improve 1a and recently addicted to 3a , can do bind with two hands

EXACTlY!! Except also the price.