A Very Special YFactor: The Blue Nacre YFactor

Ok I will set the story up for this monstrosity, I used to build guitars and for inlays I used alot of mother of pearl. Well there has always been this little bit of me that wanted to work with Blue Nacre. Blue Nacre is found rarely on some mussels, its very sought after, and incredibly beautiful.

So I decided since I will never work with it, to reproduce it or at least honor its beauty.

So here is the Blue Nacre YFactor.

Nacre pronounced /ˈneɪkər/[1] or “NAY-kər”, also known as mother of pearl, is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some mollusks as an inner shell layer; it is also what makes up pearls. It is very strong, resilient, and iridescent.

Paints Used:
Irridescent White
Custom Irridescent Purples and Blues
Irridescent Pink (used very subtle)
Irridescent Teal


Example of Blue Nacre


Sorry for all the reflections but this is super duper shiny, I used a very high gloss on this one. Some red is showing from the picnic table, and other colors are reflecting as well. I will take light box pics of this one when its cured and assembled.

Oh and its for me :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking,

That’s great!

looks awesome. by the way do you strip it of color, color it and add blast it? how do you preserve the grinding capabilities or is there no way


Insane. :o

And since this has been in the works, I wasnt going to post this one at all, but figured why not.

So anyways finished Pics.

This will be at the Ohio State YoYo show if you want to see it.


Absolutely Stunning! :o

Man that’s beautiful. Very nicely done!

Awesome ! :smiley:

Oh wow, I didn’t even know paint could DO that! Very very well done!

Wow it looks so odd and strange, but at the same time looks excellent.

reminds me of the wavelength superstars

That’s one sick paint job, reminds me a little of Lapis Lazuli

Just feel like commenting on how amazing it is again :smiley: . Personally I would have kept the brass insert the color it was, I think it would look sharp.

That is… AWESOME!!! I think you might have started something with this :smiley:

WOW!!! that looks awesome, nice work, and keep it up