A Small BST: Falcon, 08 Mary (OFFER!)

Hey Guys,

These yoyos are great performers, just some of them don’t get the play they deserve. They’re for trade or sale.

Here they are!

An ILYY Production Run Falcon w/ Green Jeweler’s Pouch


.Half Titanium/Half Red
.Mint Besides a Small Ding that happened Pre-Canodizing, so, it is not through the Cano at all. Doesn’t affect play one bit, and is barely noticeable.
.Comes with Green Jewlers Pouch, and ILYY Pin.

[b]An ILYY '08 Candyblasted Mary[/b]


.One flat spot, sorta through the ano. 
.Great player, Ruby Red Candyblasted!
. Fresh Cleaned Bearing, Fresh sILYYcone


I have no particular wants, so just offer up!