rare ILYY Sale *Price drop + added CB Falcon*

Time for a big sale again. Have planned several trips during this vacation so money is top priority. NOT looking for trades at the moment.Buying in bundles will be a lot cheaper! I will take paypal only if you are from the US, People in Europe can do regular bank transfer (no fees). If you have more questions regarding my sale, feel free to contact me. Prices ADDED ! If your from the US add EUR5. If you are from europe, shipping is included!

EDIT: BUY THE 2 FURIES FOR 140EUR !! Temporary discount

ps: Dust can look like scratches/dings/damage… in the pictures. This is not the case. I assure you

ILYY preproduction Fury

  • Mint
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Silver candodized (prepro colour)
  • Limitation: 20
  • A tad lighter than the production run


ILYY proto Fury

  • Mint
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Orange candodized
  • Limitation: ~15
  • Heavier than the production run


ILYY limited edition Liopleurodon EUR75

  • Mint
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Candyblasted Blue/Orange
  • Limitation: 30


ILYY Candyblasted Preproduction Falcon EUR80

  • Mint
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Candyblasted Red/Black
  • Limitation: Unknown (as far as i know, not many CB are produced)



How limited the yoyo is.

Indeed, the limitation means how many pieces were produced.
Noctu pending!

Noctu pending for 70eur till next monday, so feel free to outbid if you feel like.

Is that prepro Fury orange or red? The picture might be deceiving…

It is an orange one :slight_smile:

Act fast before its too late !!

Temporary discount if your buying the 2 furies !!!

Where is the love ?

How much extra would you like for shipping, for both Furies, to Canada?

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