FS/FT: Falcon, 2008 Red Mary

For Sale / For Trade:

(I will PM pictures of any damage on whichever yoyo to traders/buyers who are seriously considering take one of these off of me)

I Love Yoyo Production Run Falcon


-One small ding. This ding came to be before the yoyo itself was anodized. It is on the Black half, and does not affect play one bit
-Buttery smooth, and floaty. Think of this as a fluid, floatier Peak
-Comes with a nice Green ILYY Jeweler’s Pouch, that I got from Crackout. Also includes an ILYY Pin, that I don’t think has been released. Pics in PM
-Comes with a Pre-Deshielded ILYY Metric Bearing. Cleaned, and everything. Runs smooth
-Red/Black Cano-dized (Not Half Bad, Really Smooth Finish)

I Love Yoyo 2008 Mary


-One very small flat spot, that is barely through the anodizing
-Ruby Red Candyblasted. Boy, this is beautiful, especially in the sun-light
-Grinds are spectacular due to the superb Candyblast
-Very, Very Smooth Player
-Comes with a Clean, and Deshielded ILYY Metric Bearing. Runs buttery smooth


One Drop: Markmont, Sovereign or OG Project

Werrd: Split Decision

General Yo: HAT-trick

SPYY: Pro, Flying-V

CLYW: Gnarwhal



Hatrick not Hat-Trick