A Sized Bearing YoYo Love


Here is another A bearing yoyo that is a throwback design but provides a lot of modern joy and is still available. The YoYo Factory Confusion. I was very excited when these initially dropped last year and I had to have a black one. I play it with Zipline Darkroom strings because they are black. I like to play it black on black because it’s a badass EDC that way with attitude. Keep it lubed and greased for responsive play, but using the white thin pads for response for longer spins and extra string wraps.


What he said.

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Already sold out of these! I don’t think I could have made a better metal Freehand. I’m still throwing this yoyo haha. This shape actually was a mistake. The original shape was almost identical to the FHZ, a little more bowed out and rounder. Something happened to the CAD and the machinist had to redraw a bit of the shape. The redrawn one was a bit more I wanna say V shaped, and I didn’t actually notice at first. This change in shape lowered the weight a tiny bit, and made for a much more lighter and less bulky and sluggish feeling on the string when compared to the initial run. So this wasn’t an exact copy of the shape as I wanted, but the yoyo ended up being much better as a result!


The @DocPop Weekender is definitely the Next A Bearing YoYo getting the love.


For sure!

Like my Confusion the same way!

I’m regretting not picking one up. :disappointed_relieved:

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Anyone know where to find specs for the weekender?

(Jacob Waugh) #50

Looks amazing.


"# Specs:

  • Bearings: Size A (5x10x4 mm)
  • Size: 56mm by 35.56mm
  • Gap size: 3mm
  • Response: Core Co silicon response pads

These stats are all subject to change in the final release."

If you want in early, @DocPop has a Kickstarter up. Go to KS and search “Weekender”.

I ordered the solid, and am hoping this happens since he reached this stretch goal:

" * $5600- I’ll research a good way to nickel plate a small run of Weekenders and if possible, nickel plated option will be offered (for an additional $7, which will be collected after the campaign has ended for KS backers). Please note that since I’ll be needing to find a new nickel plating service, this option might not be possible unless I can find a consistent place at a fair price."

Hey Doc, I bet OD can help you find a place! :grin:


I think OD is on the hunt for a new nickel plating service too. I’m really hoping I can find one because it seems like folks are really interested in it.


Sidenote: we made A and C versions of the Executive prototype and I loved them both. We went with C because we figured it was more standardized, thus players could customize it easier, but I sometimes wish we stuck with the A.

… What the heck did I do with that A bearing prototype anyways?


You didn’t send it to me.

(Joshua) #55

I can plate nickle. If you know anyone looking send me a PM. -Josh


I know someone: @DocPop, and apparently @da5id


I am a sucker for A bearing 888’s. I do wish that we could see some more in the future. But for the time being, I am enjoying the Confusion and my old 08/08/08. And a load of FHZs!

(David ) #58

I definitely have a soft spot for the old “A” bearing FHZ with the rubber stickers for response. My knuckles were readily trained on that bad boy. :laughing:


Maybe too soon for the comparison, but how does the Weekender compare to a Confusion?

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Here are the numbers compared between the two. The Weekender is almost 10 grams lighter, they should play completely different. The Core Co response pads are also a lot larger in diameter. Just have to wait and see.

YYF Confusion
Diameter:55.95 mm / 2.2 inches
Width:34.95 mm / 1.38 inches
Gap Width:2.75 mm / 0.11 inches
Weight: 55.7 grams
Bearing Size:Size A (5x10x4 mm)
Response:YYF Small Response Pad
Retail: $35.00 (available now YYE)

DocPop Weekender
Size: 56mm
Gap size: 3mm
Weight: 46 grams
Bearing Size: A (5x10x4 mm)
Response: Core Co silicon response pads
Retail: (pre order) $69.00 solids


This is big news if you love A bearing yoyos, now you can make some of those old beloved Duncans fresh whippersnappers with some modern response. FHZ weight 58grams without caps you know.


When it comes to A bearing YoYos Duncan has the most options. They also offer options to flip between either A or C bearings as well (Flipside). This was a fun mod using cheap Duncans from the big box stores toy aisle. I’m calling it my Super Wide Butterfly XT-A bearing. Using the mod spacers from a Pro Z pack with the spacers flipped to the A size. This is a wide 48mm and is weighing in at 68 grams with weight rings. If you cant afford a Moster Edge this is option for you. I also like running the Pro Z with the A bearing as this set up use to be marketed at the “Players Edition”. Its always fun to mix and match, a reason to collect them all.

PRO Z Narrow/ SW BF XT A / PRO Z Wide A