A Serious Nationals Question.

I was planning on bringing YoNinjaYo sample pack string to nationals. NOT TO SELL. But to hand out. Hopefully We will get the feedback we need from our testers before Nationals, otherwise it might not happen. So Here is my question and its a serious one. Will I get in Trouble for handing out sample packs? I wont be collecting any money from it. They Will be free. It will consist on 3 string. Being a Free Sample pack. So that’s my question. I do not want to get in trouble or kicked out from watching the contest if handing out free samples will cause that to happen. So if anyone has the knowledge about it, please answer this post and let me know.
Thank You-

There shouldn’t be any problem with it. If you suspect you’ll have any problems though, just bring a ninja along as your body guard.

Email whoever is in charge. That’s your best bet.

You have to sponsor to sell, for sure. However, since you’re just giving them out, there shouldn’t be a problem. I did something similar at Florida States. The thing is, if you get caught selling something at any contest, you get banned for life from any NYYL contest. This is actually true.

Well I will not being selling them at all. They will be free sample packs. I do not want to get banned at all. That would kill me. So even if someone offered me money for the string I will turn them down flat. They will be completely free sample packs.

Who do I email?

I don’t know a specific address, but I think there is a spot on the national yoyo contest site where you can submit a question.

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Well as long as it is okay, and I wont get into any trouble. Then I welcome you all, if you can find me. I will give you a free 3-pack sample of our YoNinjaYo Samurai String. But you have to find me first. lol And I’m like a ninja. So good luck.

Just as a note, you can work out deals before the contest and do the transactions there. I made sure of this before doing so at a contest I went to.

Well I rather not chance it. lol So the it’ll be free samples. Not sure how many I will have on me. So first come, first serve. Find me fast lol. I will let everyone know when I am there. So either look out on my Instagram. or just on here in the forums.

Blimey, does that count even with a view to B/S-ing? There was a guy selling a bunch of his old yoyos at Nats just out of his yoyo bag (I bought a CLYW 'squatch off him), I didn’t really see anything wrong with it myself…

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If they are your personal yoyos, that is fine. Just note from a company. :smiley:

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Contest organizers won’t care if you’re handing out some free string. Nothing to worry about.

Handing out free string shouldn’t be a problem at all, nobody is going to care.

I’m a major contest sponsor and I certainly don’t care… can’t imagine why anybody else would.


Is B/S/T’ing allowed?

Yeah, people trade/buy from each other all the time at contests.

Well this is good to hear. So for everyone that’s going, Just try to find me if you would like a free sample pack of our string. I shouldn’t be to hard to spot out. But I will be trying to hide like a ninja to make it harder for you guys. :slight_smile:

We had better be able to B/S/T at nationals. Because I am bringing $$$ and possible trades for that very reason. All the better because I just heard a rumor that YYF is not showing up this year. Can anyone confirm this?

I believe that rumor is true being that it came from the one and only Steve Brown. You can definitely do trades and buy other’s personal throws.

Does this mean you are dressing like a ninja or hiding like one? This isn’t fair. I don’t even know what you look like for real. :smiley:

You can absolutely buy and trade yoyos with other people…

Look for my other post I have posted. Go to the video thread and look at my 35 second routine video. Right there you will be able to see what I look like. And then you’ll be able to find me very easily. It’ll be like where’s Waldo. Except it will be. Find Colby :slight_smile: get a free sample pack of string.