"A Real YoYo"

I have seen this a lot on peaople saying what their first real yoyo was. And all the responses I have seen was the “new-school” ball bearing yoyos. But if you ask your self this question, was the first yoyo ever a ball bearing, manufactured yoyo? In my opinion would your first yoyo be the first one you got. I think this because it can perform tricks, just not very advanced tricks. It still goes up and down, walk the dog etc. But it is just limited to the harder tricks. It starts the ladder of getting advanced. This is my opinion, lets hear yours.

well, it’s a good way to differentiated.

A yoyo is a yoyo is a yoyo. There are no ‘fake’ yoyos right? I guess the term should be “first modern/trick yoyo”


I admit that I’m guilty of using this terminology myself, both out of humor and to convey an actual difference in products. A yo-yo that I threw when I was 10 years old and could still tell that it was a cheap piece of junk way back then, to me is not a “real” yoyo.

For myself personally, what constitutes a “real” yoyo is the user being able to tell the manufacturer’s desire to deliver a quality, durable product on which the user can develop and hone their skills in advancing in yoyoing.

Those other non-real yoyos aren’t fake in a (meta)physical sense, but they certainly aren’t real as something I’d want to brag about having in my collection and actually facilitating my advancement in yoyoing.

quite well put

what do you call the yoyo ball?

and i think my first real yoyo is the yoyo that sparked you pasion for yoyoing

In my opinion, my first real yoyo would be the first yoyo I actually used as a hobby rather than just something I picked up and screwed around with.

yes, well, some things aren’t meant to be taken so litteraly.

I can barely remember, but I 'm guessing a Fast 201. I totally am not sure though. :-[