A quote from a guy I respect, it's spot on about the yoyo community at large

This is part of a conversation I had with Tony Alonso and he hit the nail on the head.

“…Yep a lot of us though this is our life, this is our heart and passion so we sometimes share stuff you wouldn’t hear from a normal business which I think makes this industry even cooler, we are real people and we share that with everyone, you can chat with everyone in this industry, nobody is off limits.”
-Tony Alonso

He is right there isn’t another community or industry where everyone from the smallest recognized member to the most well known and famous members are easily reached and willing to be involved in conversations and generally activity here in our yoyo community.

No other community or industry are manufacturers so active, open and willing to share a good talk with anyone willing to spend the time to send them a pm or a little note expussing gratitude for their gear (speaking of which if you’re reading this have you taken the time to email or PM your favorite manufacturer and told them thank you and how much your appreciate their offerings? If not do it!)

Same goes with the big names in the famous players all the ones I’ve contacted have been awesome and more then Willing to take time to visit and answer questions.

So if you are a manufacturer, sponsored player, retailer or anyone that is someone in the yoyo community I appreciate you and thank you for making this community what it is! With out you guys we wouldn’t be able to have a community to belong to!!!


I find that the smaller and more niche hobby communities tend to be a lot friendlier and pleasant which, I guess, explains why I tend to gravitate towards hobbies that are slightly left of field.

Glad to be part of it all =)


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It’s not the only community, the flow arts community in general is very open and gracious to anyone who wants to be a part of it. But like Yuki points out, the smaller the community of “hobbyists” are the more friendly they definitely seem to be.

Now, if we could just stop every female and their mom from thinking they are sexy hoop girls…

Yeah I agree, it’s kind of amazing getting to talk to some of the people that blew my mind when I was getting started. I’d consider a couple of the people I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to ‘celebrities’ (in my opinion, of course) and I definitely can’t think of any other celebrities that are as easy to reach out to.

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I definitely agree with you! Celebrities is definitely what comes to mind, these people are extremely famous in our community but remain humble and open to talk about the things that we love and enjoy!