A Question All YoYo Players Ask


A few days ago I heard the question “What’s it like being sponsored? And how do I get sponsored?”
So out of curiosity i came to you guys, ask the same question. So far my hope is to be sponsored by YoYoJam, I think their yoyos are the best, think about Meteor next, but still not sure. My first yoyo was a Speeder, and i use it still after about 4 months, but now my axle died and i can’t use it anymore :’(

If you have any advise/videos as how to replace it, i would like to i would like to bring it back and play somemore. Thanks :slight_smile:


you can get new axle on yoyojam.com but being sponserd is getting free yoyo but you have to use them when you compete



How do u be friends with the company?


Talk to them. Communicate with them. Support their products.


How do u talk to them? through emails?


Sure. But don’t expect to get sponsored.