A question about music choices and freestyles?


The other night I watched the video of Palli, throwing at the ‘Icelands’ Got Talent competition.

I didnt even know there ‘was’ a talent Show in Iceland.

I didnt see what other talents, Palli was going up against. I just saw his performance.

He is no doubt a Highly Skilled Yoyo Player.

The article stated that although he gave a great yoyo demonstration, he failed to place in the ‘Top 3’.

So,since I did not see who he went up against(singers/dancers/whatever?), I can obviously have little solid evidence, he should have placed in the top 3.

It seems most Talent Show Judges, haven’t the slightest idea, what to think of/how to score, yoyo players.

Since I already said, I know very little about Iceland, that would include what kind of music they listen to.

Now, all that being said, was the set up for the following question>>

I watched Pallis’ performance a few times, just because he is that good.

Somewhere around the halfway mark of his freestyle, I realized that I literally Hated his Music. And I seldom, ever… ever, use the word,‘Hate’.

I admit that I Never have liked that song or any remake of that song. And hearing it again, made me think of how Horrible I think that song is.

Ok, now finally, the burning question. Do you guys think Palli could have picked out a better song with more ‘Punch’, that would have flowed better with his performance, might have made a positive difference in how the judges graded his ‘Talent’?

A song, more upbeat, instead of a sloooow song that literally sounds likes somebody is pinned under a truck tire and singing while slowly dying?

I just felt, his song choice was very unfortunate.

Do you guys feel his music may have messed up his final position? Or another choice would have made No difference?

PS…bang bang, he got shot down… bang bang


The music could possibly be a factor, but my guess is that if it was, it was a really small one. In that case, it might just be a contributing factor and not really a determining factor. The music adds to the value of the entertainment, but in my mind, entertainment is not necessarily “talent” anyway. If they are one in the same for that show, he definitely got slighted. That wouldn’t surprise me though. :smiley:

I think that most people have more familiarity with other things like singing and dancing, than yo-yos. I know more people who can sing and dance well, than bust out a nice yo-yo trick. Some might think people would be in awe at something they cannot do in the slightest. But, in realty, the only way to judge talent is to imagine what they can do that you cannot. It’s easier to tell when someone is singing or dancing well if you’ve attempted dancing or singing (and seen it before). It’s another thing to judge someone based on something you know very little about. It may be something that looks hard, but you’ve never tried it, so you can’t really give it that much credit. It might be hard, or easy. Most people have only seen a yo-yo go up and down, and do not know the effort it takes to make it do other things.

But, I did not enjoy the music either. Keep in mind that they may have certain songs cleared for copyright to use on the show, and Palli’s preferred music did not make the cut. I think all of those American Idol type shows are restricted by permissions and copyright clearances. So, they have options, but probably a lot less than a freestyle contest. A nationwide audience on T.V. might mean people want to get paid for their music being broadcast. If he was looking for a song like that one that had a slow tempo, then picks up the pace, and slow again…then fast, it would have limited options that much further. We just don’t know what limitations he had in choosing the music, or if he had any choice in the matter at all. I didn’t read the article.

He made it past auditions, and to finals, more than I could do. For most of us, it’s a once in a lifetime experience being on nationwide T.V., for more than a few seconds for something positive. Someone will see him, and be inspired to yo-yo. Mission accomplished.