A question about Halo


:-\ ok, I’ve heard many mixed thought about Halo. What I’m wondering it if its inappropriate for a 13 year old. Give me some pros and cons. Also, your thoughts.


I would say that the series is appropriate for 13 offline only.


I would say that 13 offline sounds right


At thirteen, you should be able to handle Halo without any problems. Just ask your parents first.


That’s the problem. I’ve never played an M game before. I’m not sure what my parents will say.


I play Halo all the time, and im 13, just be sure not to talk to people IF you play online


Ask your parents first, but I definitely think yes


For some reason Halo has been given a bad reputation. It is definitely one of the least gory M games out there. You’ll have to bring your parents along to get the game anyways, so when you do talk to a Gamestop employee. Ask them if Halo is a rather mild M game. I can almost guarantee they’ll say yes.


I’ve seen worse stuff on facebook.


Just say they’re robots. Parents think that’s okay if they’re robots.


You’re fighting aliens, so most parents don’t care