A moment for beauty

Definitely wasn’t expecting the sticker loot for what I left in my latest order’s comment box! Very cool, thanks YYE! :stuck_out_tongue:

(for those of you who can’t see it my comment said: “Take a moment to create a random act of beauty!” )

Ohh…that’s just fantastic. I can tell you first hand that every single person in that office is a class act. A very warm, welcoming group of people who are very dedicated to their job, and dodging the occasional Nerf projectile.


That is awesome!! Those guys are so cool!! And I can say that they LOVE doing stuff like this!!!

That’s awesome! Man YYE is great like that aren’t they?

That’s funny, sometimes they forget to give any stickers or trading cards at all.

I remember when they gave me a bunch of sticker loot xD