a messed up event in my yoyoing

i was practiceing for TN states even tho i dont know when it is yet and i was at the mall and the rent-a-cops kicked me out for yoyoing because apperently its horesplay. :frowning: sad day

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Have you seen Hiroyuki Suzuki do eli hops? You should learn that to fend off rent a cops. O0

It’s a mall security guard… Tell him to suck it. Lol.

i was accusaly doin eli hops one of the times they walked by and i did bout 3 times then they had to escort me out

Well, tell him he should kick himself out for kicking you out for doing something highly impressive and safe… when nobody’s in range.

thats ironic cause i was in a open area with no one around

I almost got kicked out but I told him I was a professional and the person I was most likely to hurt was myself ;D

ill try that next time

Haha! that’s awesome!.. Where are you at in TN?

p.s. TN states is on September 11th in Nashville

clarksville/ft Campbell area and where is it in Nashville the adventure science or rockettown