A little eye candy... Updated: Pic Heavy!


Just finished building a cigar-box case for my Gen-Yo’s and ILYY’s. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Stained, lacquered and lined with red satin. :slight_smile: Updated with a couple other collection pics… :slight_smile:



Great job, dude! That looks fantastic. And I can’t help but think “A Lannister always pays his debts” when looking at the crest on the box.



Thanks! Yeah, it does look a lot like the Lannister crest, funny! Love me some Game of Thrones, ha!


Great looking case. Nice job! ;D


Don’t you hate when you have a single empty spot open like that? Just makes you wonder which yoyo will make that empty spot its new home, and how much money will it take it fill it. ;D


Haha, yes, I know exactly what you mean! I have an Entheos on the way just for that spot!


Outstanding! I love the griffin themed crest. Great job. I made a cigar box case a while back. I will find the necro post and share it.


I later dyed the foam black. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,32328.msg315195.html#msg315195


Very nice! What did you use to cut the holes in your foam? I used a 2" hole saw attached to a drill and the holes didn’t come out as clean as I hoped…


I used a tomato paste can.


Great idea, I’ll give that a shot


Tomato paste can is perfect for mid-to-fullsized throws. Not snug enough for undersized, but it’ll still make a space for your yoyo if you don’t mind it in there a bit loose.

I can vouch for how easily it goes through foam for this purpose! Obviously, when you use the can opener you need to put it on the rim/lip such that it leaves a ragged bare metal edge rather than cutting out the inside of the lid the way most do.

Or you can hacksaw it off at the lip I suppose!


Thanks Greg, I’ll give that a shot with the next box I’m building.


Another neat tip when using a can is to take a bowl of water and mix in some dish soap. Just dip the sharp end of the can into the little bubble bath each time you’re going to cut a hole, and it keeps the circles nice and clean. :]