A few yoyos need a new home LF: Jet Set EC, no.9,freq. wav, money and more

Well I have a few yoyos that ive had for a while. LF: Jet Set EC, no.9,Freq. wav, money and any sOMEThING CLYW RecRev pretty much anything just offer :). I have:

CLYW 1 of 20 Delirium Drive Speckle Edition OG Avalanche gasp Some Damage around the rims and smooth for trade or sale for $95 shipped OBO.

A crucial A La mode that has some damage but also is nearly stripped and very vibey that i can sell for 25 shipped or a trade for something.GREAT FOR MODDERS.

2 B grade Avant Gardes that are b grade only for an anno flaws that are covered by the multitude of 3a damage. But they are dead smooth! I can sell or trade one for a no.9 or 3a pair.

Crucial milkshake great offstring with little damage Id love to get a nice 1a or 4a for this one because they sell for around 80 on YYE

Please PM me for details and dont worry about lowballs.