A few yo lessons learned:

  1. The most expensive yoyo does about the same thing in the hands of a novice as a 10 dollar yoyo. The 10 dollar yoyo will do the same thing in the hands of a great yoyoer that the most expensive yo will do.
  2. The pleasure a yoyo brings often has little to do with its price tag.
  3. The harder you work, on some tricks, the more the yoyo gods laugh.
  4. More yoyos just means you have more yoyos.
  5. Bearings, strings, response pads, silicone, and axles collect like dust.
  6. Cleaning bearings is probably not needed 95% of the time.
  7. Patience, Patience, PATIENCE!
  8. All good things come to those that practice, practice, and practice.
  9. The most valuable yoyo isn’t always the most expensive.
  10. The “Catsup Mod” really works!! (try it if you haven’t)
  11. Forums are full of mis-information ::slight_smile: .
  12. Yoyos, ceiling fans, windows, gift shops, and your mother’s favorite china don’t mix.
  13. A white yoyo, white string, on a white snowy day, not a good idea.
  14. Yoyoing in the shower, OVER RATED!
  15. Todays sought after yoyo will be tomorrows “no big deal.”
  16. The most important thing to remember about yoyoing, is that you need a string and a yoyo. Every thing else will take care of its self.
  17. It’s not how great or awful others make you feel, when you yo, that’s important. It’s how you feel when you yo that’s important.
  18. Friends will come, friends will go, but you can always, always, yo!
  19. YoyoExpert has all the supplies you need and new yoyos too. Plus great customer service! ;D
  20. The yoyo isn’t generally the thing that needs changed when you have a problem. (look on the other end of the string)
  21. Don’t be so serious! It’s supposed to be fun.
  22. Stay humble or eat humble pie.
  23. Care to share!
  24. Simple isn’t always bad, its often better than we remember.
  25. Time to “walk the dog”! See Ya! :-*

The greatest words of wisdom ever!

He tells the truth in this area. :wink:

I know what I’m doing tomorrow morning

Best advice in yoyoing since Ed’s 66 Rules.

I must ask, what’s the catsup mod?

This actually sounds cool.

It was the best mod going for it’s time and still used by those in the know. I think you might be able to google it, but then again who knows :-\ .

All I found was a video where a guy dipped his yoyo in ketchup…

catsup mod:

I know. I meant that one.
Dang, no legit mod…


Is that Andrew Robinson?