A few good throws for SALE ONLY.. CHEAP!!! CHIEF, Ava, Albatross and more!

Hey everyone, I’m just trying to move a few throws really quick so offer up!

All trade offers will be ignored. Sorry.

Preferred method is paypal, but I will take money orders or other methods!!

My prices are NOT set in stone but please offer within reason. The price listed is pretty much what I would like to get, but I will consider going a LITTLE lower. Just make an offer WITHIN REASON of course.

If you buy more than one I will make a considerable price break!!!

And every deal I make I will throw in some good string and your choice of Centertrac or Ten ball bearing.

Please send offers via PM!!!
Here we go!!

First up is my coveted Fade to jade Code 1 I’ve had this yoyo for a long time. I just don’t feel like it gets enough play time anymore. It does have some small damage. Nothing real serious though (pictured). Comes with the original fade to jade box. Good luck finding another one of these. David told me there are less than 20 in circulation. Would throw in an extra set of side effects and your choice of CT or ten ball bearing. I would let it go for 91$ shipped



One drop Code 1 Another code 1. I won this one at PNWR 2013. It’s mint in box. I would rather sell the fade to jade but if you really want this one I would let it go for 75$ shipped


9th run Chief 66 gram run. Amazing Chief. I bought it brand new a while back, I just don’t need two. It has the tiny scuff on it that you won’t even find if I don’t point it out. It has the slightest vibe that you can’t feel on the string. Comes with box and centertrac installed. Looking to get 120$ shipped OBO


OG gold nugget Ava This is the Original Avalanche. It has quite a bit of damage around the rims but I wouldn’t consider it beat. I am very very attached to this yoyo. More than the Chief even. It has that very slight vibe that CLYWs used to have. Very mellow I would let it go for around 90$ shipped



G2 Albatross Mint in box. Bought it at PNWR. I’m very on the fence about selling this one. It’s a beauty. Definetely the smoothest yoyo in my collection. Plays great. Would probably take around 100$ shipped.


YYF 2011 Here we yo Supernova 7075 aluminum. This thing is awesome. In about as close to mint condition as possible. The tiniest of ano burns on it. These are really hard to find. Plays smooth as only 7075 does. I would like to get around 85$ shipped.



One Drop Burnside Cobalt colorway. 1 of 20. It’s perfectly mint. Burnside is very under rated if you ask me. Plays very very smooth. 65$ shipped


That’s it for now. If you are interested in anything don’t hesitate to PM me an offer. Or you can email me directly at nicholi2789@gmail.com