Chief and g2 and cheapos FS

Most of these have some damage unless marked mint. Plz dm I’ll send pics of damages it’s just a ton of pics for the post

Take $5 off any additional throw purchased.


Unidentified throw in rose gold. Fun pocket size inner ring. Plenty stable for its size. Decent weight on the string but plays on the faster side. Very fun I paid $30 a year ago thinking why not give it a go

Insouciant in silver w black rim. B grade for vibe the whole batch was made this way. Still addicting to throw does has minor string vibe

Code by yoyopalace in silver. Some 5a marks on it but a fun down the line mono on the lighter side of play

Horizon by yoyofactory in pink. Absolutely lovely finish on the hot pink


Motive by SF world’s edition blue. Fantastic throw retailed for $130 it’s a duplicate that slaps don’t let the love marks fool you

Element by yoyofactory in “air” ano
fun chill mono utilizing the delring tech from yoyofactory. Has box.


Exia by MK1 in black w rainbow rim. Fantastic throw also a duplicate this is minty w box

Borealis by clyw in gray. Slept on clyw mono it’s a lovely balanced throw I’m on the hunt for it in 28s

Fusion (brass) by Damien Puckett and Dressel Designs in Felfire green ano. Stunning ano. Plenty stable and a bit of a tank though not heavy on the string. Truly a beauty


SOLD Peon by a-rt painted yellow SOLD


Chief by clyw in Cryo ano. Has nail vibe and the tiniest tiniest amount of string vibe. Not much worse than mint clyws from this era truly :joy: has box

Banshee mini wide by g2 in berry storm.
It’s a duplicate otherwise mint and perfect.
Has box


Hi, ive seen ur post with chief. It’s available rn?

Yes indeed. It does have original box and minor vibe it doesnt pulse or anything

Heres the damage


Peon sold

Aw, ok

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Where are you from bruh?

why not bump it like this.

I’m from St Louis !

Hey! Not sold yet?

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