A couple shorts..

Here are a couple videos of some combos i’ve been working on lately.

This first one is a short combo with a couple cool elements i came up with.
Using a Punchline repeater with Toxic Dragon strings.


I’ve been trying to improve on my wrist mount combos,  this is what I have come up with.
Using mah Chief with Toxic Dragon strings.


And lastly, just a really fun combo.
Using a Neon protostar with Toxic BG-1s.


Thanks for watching! Comments and feedback are really appreciated!

Sickness. Great stuff there.

I’m with Slade. Nice concepts there, and the wrist mount from chopsticks was not only creative, but very unique.

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Very smooth and done well!

Hey thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback.

no prob dude…

Blehck. Watch these!