CHopsticks combo by Cyclops :P

Finally got the video to embed :smiley: thanks for watching guys and let me know what you think

I like it

Nice! Very smooth. :smiley:

Nice yo-yo. Where did you get it?

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Nice Surround Sound Setup you got goin on there

what colorway is that marmot?

Great video man, really smooth! Any chance you’re going to be making a tutorial for it anytime soon?

I would enjoy a tutorial please. Great video:)

I’ll work on it :slight_smile:

very nice, I love chopsticks play!
if you wanna see some good stuff, you should check out mark montgomery’s videos if you haven’t already

I love his style :slight_smile: and Paul Dangs. they’ve inspired my chopsticks combos, but i’m not remotely as awesome as they are. I’m still a beginner :stuck_out_tongue: