Anyone has a tut. for this combo?

When I looked at it I thought it looks really cool, so I want to learn or is it to difficult.

How do I slow it down?

look at it over and over again, pause it. Rewind it. Look at it. It starts with a regular chopstick mount then rolls by the way, if that helps. Look at it over and over.

i got on to make the same thread… saw this so thx

and someone please make a tut. im not to good with looky looky doey doey

Can someone tell me some tips on how to do chop stick?

well there was I think a tut for chopstick tuts out there so yea…
but here…

yoyoz1 if you have editing software upload the video and slow it down frame by frame.

It’s one of Jensen’s combos he made up. I mean it’s not like you can just be like Jensen and do anything he does. So no, there’s no tutorials for this combo made by Jensen.

Isn’t that kind of like saying that "Hey, that’s one of Doc Pops tricks, it’s not like you can just be Doc Pop and do anything hey does. So no, there is no tutorial.

Oh wait. There’s a tut of a Doc Pop trick right on this website.

In short, just because he’s a certain player, doesn’t mean that there can’t be a tut anywhere. It’s not really that hard of a combo to figure out if you just watch it a few times.