A clip video of North East Regionals


No I did not make this, but here it is. Just some stuff that went on during the contest.



(Derek) #2

sweet! i wish i was there!

(JonasK) #3

I really have to stay away from posts containing the word contest. You guys really don’t know how lucky you are. I would do anything to attend a contest.

Addment. It might happen in my second high school year, if I take education avroad that is.


Its not our faults we live where we live… ::slight_smile:


John Skinner (yo_shi) made that video.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Jeromy K.) #6

Man I have to get to one of those contest in my life…I live in a yo-yo dead area I found only one other person that throws the yo with in 30 miles of where I live. Maybe I’ll make it to the Seattle contest next year. Great video I love the randomness and seeing it all.