A Clean Slate


I often get the urge to give myself a “clean slate” in yoyoing, when I start from scratch and start working on a completely different set of tricks. This is essentially to bring my material to the next level and put to rest older combos (although I certainly reuse elements a lot, and remember my tricks so I have stuff to do consistently if I’m standing around or trying to impress people). This has happened for me after both contests I’ve attended, each time realizing that I need to “step my game up” and bring myself to the next level.

Does anyone else experience this? Perhaps this is a good strategy for continuing to progress. What are your strategies for progression?


I learn some tricks, take elements from my favorites, and mix them into new stuff I figure out from other videos, work on getting it consistent, and repeat.

(Alex Fairhurst) #3

You don’t have to completely redo your style every time you want to “get to the next level”. Just yoyo. The people you watch and enjoy have been doing it for years most likely, and there’s no rush in getting there. Just keep at it.

Your old tricks are probably good anyways. I like to take my favorite elements from tricks and try to mash them together, combine them in interesting ways. You can always revisit old tricks and improve them, too. You know Palli’s “Strawberry Ironingboard”? He’s been doing that trick for years, and it hasn’t always looked as cool as it does now.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

I just swing yoyos around randomly until something happens.


I do the same thing as you. To progress, I pretty much put my “biggest tricks and combos” in the back of my head and basically work on a completely new routine.


I suck.

And I’m proud.

I am proud of sucking. (It impresses people at Cosco)


I don’t redo my style. My style is something that leaks its way into everything I do. It’s a function of how I think about yoyo. I always recycle elements, but often I feel like my current tricks are “stale” and need to leave them alone for a while. I think this strategy has worked pretty well for me, and I’m quite pleased with how I’ve progressed through the months.

To each their own, this is just what comes naturally to me.


I kind do the same I think (if I understand), just instead of doing it intentionally, I just kind of tend to do it. If I’m in a rut with creating new tricks or really just kind of sick of my old ones, I’ll just go do stuff that I’ve never tried and just do random stuff to see what happens. Of course, I also do this when I’m not in a rut just because. I do it all the time really. So basically, I do what Haru does, just swing yoyos around to see what happens. :wink:

(Owen) #9

At the beginning of this year I ditched all my tricks and it worked out alright for me. I’m thinking I’ll ditch all my tricks again next year, or at least most of them.




Just keep in mind you have seen those tricks 1000’s of times, but the all the rest of us probably haven’t ever seen it or only a couple times.
So tricks that are stale to you may be awesome to all the rest of us.
I remember going to a contest and thinking my tricks all where not up to par, but then got consistent comments from super good plays about how they really like this trick or that trick, which every time where tricks I was less then happy with because of how much I had seen them.
Perspective is a strong force.


That’s some very good advice, thank you sir.