A bit of an issue I am having as of late.

Hey guys. I’m… sort of bothered right now- well, bothered is an understatement. I am troubled. Inconsolable. Outraged, even. DISPLEASED. I am outraged and displeased.

See, my quite balanced scale is occupied by various psychoses. One does it’s job by keeping track of the other. It’s quite a delicious little system, if I do say myself… and I do say myself, as I often do tell myself various things. TO REMEMBER. And… I get lonely. But mostly to remember.

I’m rambling.

This little internal scale of mine has been knocked out of alignment for the LAST time. I am UPSET. It is LESS THAN IDEAL. Right when things start to look up for me, life throws a mean curveball. And life is a mad pitcher, I tell you… and I do tell you… and myself.

This is the last straw- if that makes an sense, WHICH IT DOESN’T. Where did that term come from? Was there a straw bandit (or otherwise titled desperado) who lifted straws? Was the owner, or perhaps bank in charge of said straws, SO fed up that they coined the term?


Anyways, I tend to let myself off easy on the little things, not letting them bother me TOO much. But this- this is just too big. Life is PURPOSELY doing this to me. LIFE IS CRUEL.

See, whenever I eat from a box of cereal, there is only ever enough left at the end for half a bowl.

Hmmm…what is one to say? You don’t list any real problem other than life is unfair.

A few suggestions:

  1. Choose not to be a victim. Take control of what you can. Buy your own cereal if that’s what it takes.

  2. Positive attitude changes everything especially the way others see and treat you.

  3. Life isn’t about fair it’s about learning how to adapt, taking care of yourself and helping others.

  4. Getting knocked down is no big deal. It’s getting back up that matters.

  5. Lastly, why are you spending all this energy venting when you could spend it changing things for the better?

Sorry if my comments are to candid but … that’s how I see it.


I had to give that a good three read throughs just in case I missed anything.

buy a bag…or 12

Coffee solves these kinds of problems… Go easy on the sugar tho

Do you know what I hate more? When you only have half a bowl left, it’s all crunched up. Worst part evar.

The worst part is when there’s only milk left for half a bowl and you try to eat a full bowl of cereal with half the milk.

What’s worse is getting into a routine of having 700 milligrams of caffeine or so a day through coffee and then having to go without it for a few days…

Hey, we’ve all been there to some degree.

I’ve been suffering from depression for years. I’m choosing to NOT get mediation. I ain’t into playing with my brain chemistry. This is not helped by the fact that I get a natural high from doing sound at events, which is my preferred environment. What is even worse is when I’m doing multi-day events, so I get that good feeling for an extended period of time. Then the crash after the event is done. it doesn’t help that I’m sore and feeling it in my back, arms, legs. Oh well, the pain is worth a good show.

I had a pair of shows that I had to cancel on. Two in a row, same campus but different locations. It became clear I wasn’t going to get paid: “uh, dude, we don’t have the money to pay you” was exactly what they said. That coupled with the fact that the refused to sign a contract pretty much proved that was a bad deal. So, I pulled out and split on the first gig and said “screw it” to the second gig. Same campus, and hence same people, and hence the same mindset. No thank you! But, the pain of a solo rush load-out and the agony of not getting paid was a major LOW. But that’s how it goes in this environment.

I have lots of things I enjoy doing. Computer repairs, configs, network design and deployment, high-end workstations for video and audio, audio engineering, song writing, listen to music, watching movies, video editing, video games, model building. But, they just sort of pass time, not really break me out of my lows.

Thank goodness for the yoyo. It’s sorta helping. It helps get me out of the lows. I’m new so I can’t really use yoyo to simply pass time. Seeing stuff like the WYYC stuff, or the other videos made by people. Just being able to make combos and tricks, well, that’s currently beyond my reach. That’s perfectly alright. For now, it’s learning tricks and the sense of accomplishment that goes with that. Most days I don’t get a lot of time, and it takes me many days to learn a trick most of the time. Frustrating? Yeah, maybe a little bit. But it’s better than sitting down on my butt and not accomplishing anything at all. Right now it’s focusing on a larger goal down the road and getting closer one step at a time.

You also have to realize that tomorrow is another day and today will come to an end and you can start again fresh tomorrow.

That sense of accomplishment has lasted me over two years now!.. I hope it can do the same for you studio!

I hate being poor…and old…and bald…and chest pains….

I’m with you pat, there are few things in life worse than a sneaky cereal.

I really wanted chili with my hot dogs, but there was none.