A biggener with a question

I’m deciding to take up on this yo-yo thing and buy a “Grind Machine” to start off, is this a good idea or does anyone else have to say otherwise? please leave comments telling me if there’s any other yo-yo I should start with or any tips. Thank you

Get a YoYoFactory Velocity, it allows you to change it from a responsive (comes back to your hand with a tug) and Unresponsive (doesn’t come back except with a bind). It is a really nice yoyo for a beginner, and I still use it for some of my hardest tricks.

you really shouldn’t start unresponsive, it will make learning the basic tricks very difficult. You should be confident with your throw and basic tricks before you go unresponsive. but with the help of the forum and instructional videos from this site, you’ll learn quick. assuming your budgets $30-$50, (from that you said you wanted a grind machine) the YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 would be your best bet. it comes with a lubed bearing, and when your done with that, there is a speed bearing included. It will perform well enough at unresponsive play so you’ll be set. Other yoyo’s that would suit your case would be the YYJam Lyn Fury, YYFactory One, and YYJam Legacy.all these are cheaper and still perform, but you will have to do some slight modifications to bring them up to unresponsive play. if you really want to splurge on a first yoyo (not recommended) the YYFactory Speed Dial and Adjust-O-Matic would kinda work, but would not be advised. There is no such thing as a bad yoyo, just a yoyo you aren’t using for the right thing.If you have more questions or need trick help PM me.Hope it helped! :slight_smile:

Get a YYJ Kickside. It is great for beginners and can do all those advanced tricks whithout you having to spend that much.

this is false. I started unresponsive. the PGM or the velocity are fine choices.

or you could start with a one or a lyn fury. personally lyn fury is my favourite cheap plastic.
and with some really minor mods, it’s completely unresponsive.

Trudat. I started with a protostar.

I started on a protostar as well (bombest first throw ever! :stuck_out_tongue: (though that contrasts with my point,so i’ll stop)),and i’m fine now, but at the club i attend, we have seen some begginers (I’m in Alaska so noone really does it) who wasted $40 on a Raptor or a DV888, just to stop with the frustration of begginer tricks.i’m strongly opionionated about this now, but if the admin disagrees, then it must be fine.

hey guys i got a 888x and it was so smooth .it had a concave bearing the problem was that the binds were slipping and i could not get the yoyo to my hands. i dont know what to do. so could any one please help me ??? ??? thank you

I had a friend who had started with a Grind Machine and recommended it to me to start off with, he actually was pretty good with it being his first ever yo-yo as well. But thank you for all the information guys :slight_smile: I highly appreciate it.

did you try replacing the pads?

Are you binding correctly? Try pinching the loop as you roll it into the yoyo.