a big mistake

hey guys before my yo yo was making low noise when i gave oil to bearing now its making more noise.
wat should i do? i gave machine oil

That’s why. Machine Oil eats the bearing alive. You should really get Lube. Your bearing will die faster with Machine Oil cause Machine Oil just eats the bearing alive. lol ALIVE!

Yeah, don’t use machine oil. I would suggest cleaning the bearing ASAP and then getting some real lube soon. :slight_smile:


Here is what to do to clean it:

A loud noise isn’t always a bad thing. It usually means your braking in the bearing.

You’ll need some lube, thin for unresponsive, thick for looping

Do i hear 5 year necro?!

New record I think.

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Wow 5 year necro, that is ancient! Were there Mods back then to move this to Mods and Main?

Where did you even find a topic this old?

On the bright side, he was just trying to help.

Though his efforts may have been a bit misguided…

slams head on table

Slams Head On table twice.

Jeez! I wounder if his problem was ever resolved

On the bright side, I laughed out loud for SteveYoYos’ post.