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Whats the difference between the 09 and 07; 888 which one should I get?


there is a weight difference. the 2009 one is a lot heavier and slower. the 2007 is a lot lighter and faster. the 2008 is in between. and the 2009 is semi-glossed, not beadblasted. i like the 2007 one.


He asked the differences, not what you liked more. But yes, those are the differences.

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Nothing wrong with tossing in an opinion…

Those are all the differences I know. I think that some of the 08 ones used a higher grade of aluminum, but I’m not positive.

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Aircraft Aluminum I think.

(J. Lev) #7

Here I got more details:

Differences from '07 to '08:

  • Upgraded to Type 7075 aluminum for a harder, more scratch resistant surface (not completely scratch resistant, of course) and more solid feel
  • Premium bearing and hubstack kit, meaning Dorothy bearings for both the main center bearing AND the hubstack bearings, as well as clear stacks.
  • YoYoFactory Premium laser engraving
  • YoYoFactory Silicone Pad response
  • Upgraded packaging
  • Polished finish
  • Available in large (.250 x .500 x .187 inches) or small (5x10x4 mm) bearing sizes.