7 months into yoyo'ing, not the greatest but getting better.

Hey guys, here is my 7 month progress. Substantially less “uber” than I had hoped for when reaching this mark. I even screwed up at the end. :-[ But here it is… Sengoku Nobunaga! I choose you!


great job man…its good to see how far you’ve gotten… that eli hop is still a little funky so ill just call it a dave hop.

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I just googled “dave hop.” facepalm

Yeah, you gotta get them shooting outwards, not up.

Nice job!

Nice job man!!

Anyway I can get a link to the video, my phone won’t show the video. Thank you

Thanks everyone! And sure thing mate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIHyY1BtOps

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That was alot for one throw. Very nice. I’m getting there, but not as smooth. Not sure if you seen my 3 months video, but its on here somewhere.

Thanks mate, I dug up your 3 month. I have no clue what you say when you said you’re not as smooth. I see that you are much smoother than I am.

I don’t know about that. I’d say I still have a ways to go. I pretty much take my yoyo everywhere. The store, pharmacy, on a walk. At one point my fiance got tired of it. But I convinced her I need to get better. Then I got her into yoyoing. But it took awhile to convince her. How far are you on the YYE tutorial videos?

Nice video! You’re definitely doing way better than I was at 7 months

I don’t follow the video list of tutorials. I just watch and learn whatever I think looks cool.

Thanks mate.

Oh okay, I’m kinda the same way, but I did my best to go through and try them out.

i did the same thing and nothing wrong happened to me… happened to me… happened to me…

you don’t have to follow the list just do whatever you want… yoyoing is a personal journey that is different for everyone. thank goodness the community isn’t cookie cutter and we have such a large variety of styles.

Good job! I’m a month behind, but I’m hoping to post an update video soon as well. I did take a month off of learning tricks to teach a children’s yoyo class, but I don’t think it hurt me too much

What do you mean by outwards?

Looks good! I don’t film myself enough. It’s a great way to evaluate how a trick looks. You’ll be a step ahead if you do that early on. I remember when I started. I thought, all I will ever need is this one Benchmark! And $60 for a Yoyo? That’s steep! Hahahahahahaha… I need another case. Keep up the good work!

That looks amazing! On average roughly how many hours are you practicing do you figure?

Thanks mate. It ranges a lot. Some day I will spend 30 mins, some days I will spend 3 hours. I need to have at least 30 mins of play time a day though.

Sounds around the amount of time I practice now. But in the first 3 month for me I practiced around 4 hours a day.