6th Sense YoYo Team

Hey guys, I don’t know which topic this message goes in but I encourage you to go on this website


   This is my friends yoyo website and I encourage you to be a member on the website.


hey, give us a break. we just started and i have been busy and have not made any changes for a while.

WOW bunch of Haters! I say congrats and hope it works out for you all… I just had to clear the room of all the thick hate going around. Is it so wrong to just say congrats? Atleast they are trying to progress as a group. Respect


I think certain things should be considered before starting a team. One, what is your main purpose? Do you target a specific region or back a product? The first flaw I see with most amateur teams is the complete lack of any organization, and seem to do it simply for the sake of being on a team.

If a yoyoer a thousand times better joins a team like this, I’m sorry, but that guy should rethink his situation as well.